Walpine is a technology company that creates beautiful applications for people and businesses. We look for opportunities across many market verticals, focusing on those that have seen little or no innovation.

A better way to develop

We want to change how multi-application developers interact with people and businesses. Walpine adopts progressive policies and takes a forward-thinking approach to our operations.

Continuous development

Our applications are continuously improved after release to ensure the best user experience and platform stability. Bug fixes, UI improvements and new features are released regularly.

 A community together

We contribute many of our core frameworks to the open source community, making the same software that runs our applications available to anyone for free.

Solutions through better software foundations

Our applications are built on core principals ingrained in our culture. Above all else, software that solves a challenge will generate success. This is a belief we put in everything we do. In order to build the best apps we don’t pad the bottom line, we foster changes and innovation that benefits our users. In the end, this is what creates success for us and our partners.

Modern UI/UX

Easy to use Features

Stability and Security

User feedback and input

Fair Pricing

Plus many more…

Walpine’s Roots

The team at Walpine initially started with Knack, a small social network meant to make communication between schools and students more cohesive. With a few schools under the platform, we realized it wouldn’t solve the disconnect between students and schools. We set out to solve new problems with Walpine, taking the lessons from Knack with us.

Smarter use of server time

Work from home

Walpine and Sustainability

Reducing our impact

We were heavily inspired by Stripe’s Environmental Mission. Even though we are a much smaller company, we’d like to do our part by reducing direct and indirect emissions. Part of this mission involves the evaluation of our server providers, core messaging of our applications, commutes and use of office supplies.

Reduce printed media

Product Messaging Awareness

Less office waste

Smart partnerships

Carbon offsets

Walpine is a privately owned Canadian corporation