The brands we make

Walpine’s brands consist of carefully crafted apps that together define what Walpine contributes to the industry. Although our portfolio is small, it consists of high quality developed or in-development apps which solve problems for our users.

Gitsby is our own take on a mobile app. Gitsby lets you manage a your code and projects in a quick and easy way. Gitsby Alpha is now available, with a full release coming next year.

Repos and Orgs
Get all the vital information you need across all of your repositories and organizations.

Manage Issues
View, edit and control issues on all your repositories right from mobile.

View and Edit Code
Browse entire repos including their history, commits and branches. Make changes with a built in code editor when necessary.

… plus much more

Knack is the app that sparked Walpine. Knack was a social network designed to bring students and schools closer together. We aimed to solve communication challenges troubling schools across Ontario by creating an online space for anyone on campus.

Knack was shut down in 2019 to prioritize other projects.

Head to Head

Head to Head is a simple way to manage teams and tournaments. We’re still working on Head to Head.